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We are happy and excited to welcome you to Legendary Shippers. We’re proud to be able to bring a unique level of service to you. Listed below are some of our top-rated features that make Legendary Shippers the courier of choice for so many businesses.

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Smart Staff

Trained, independent, contractor driver/agents providing professional and personalized service to each of our clients

Innovation Process

Radio Dispatching System – Quick turnaround time


Computer Tracked service – On Line Order Entry and Real Time Tracking

We are specialize in Truck Loading & Cargo Delivery. We offer a rapid response service as well as an on-time guarantee. Our clients get a full array of freight services. We use the most expeditious and cost effective solutions to deliver your shipments.

100% Satisfaction

We are the delivery, courier and process service of choice . We provide 24-hour on-demand courier services, delivery of anything from an envelope to an elephant-size parcel as well as legal delivery services. We are geared to meet the needs of clients with the highest professionalism, quality, timeliness and dependable service.

Large Coverage

Whether you need a package delivered across town or several kilometers away, LEGENDARY SHIPPERS offers a variety of on-demand and scheduled services to meet your delivery needs. Our experienced personnel are radio dispatched and can be on their way within minutes of your call. You can certainly depend on us to deliver your package.

Your Best Choice

We are your on-demand delivery and courier specialist providing you and your company an instant solution to your shipping needs. Our reach is endless. Don’t just take our word for it, since we are the choice of hundreds of customers. Give us the chance to SHOW you why.

Better Relationship

LEGENDARY SHIPPERS takes your delivery transactions and turns them into a fully managed, consistent program creating a delivery experience for you. It is more than just completing a delivery, it is about building relationships and creating a delivery experience that ultimately builds your confidence in us.


Our customers are served by a global logistics network and worldwide offices staffed by dedicated teams of experts.

Courier Efficiency
Cargo Efficiency
Freight Efficiency
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